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John Hudson is a Los Angeles based fine artist and designer. Growing up around very influential New York artists, he was introduced to art and the art world at a young age.  Having worked as an art assistant for several significant artists during his art school years, John gained a great deal of knowledge about the different mediums, techniques and concepts.  With endless resources at hand during this time, he experimented a great deal.  His path out of art school led him to tackle art direction for ad agencies and television with the fine art esthetics he embraced.  As a successful art and creative director for a major studio, John was awarded five Emmy’s and numerous design awards throughout the years.  

In the past 3 years, John's work is exploring the ways to communicate and draw emotion

through painting - creating tension between tranquility and disruption / uncertainty and

resolve / the familiar and the unfamiliar. These works are simultaneously personal by

the use of various, connecting narratives and metaphors and at the same time leave an

element of mystery and discovery.


In this discovery of communication and emotion, exploring different materials plays a

role in conveying my philosophies. The past couple years, he's been using fiberglass

and resin - naturally these mediums create a great deal of inconsistencies and adds to

the narrative. The resin can evoke tranquility and yet become disruptive - also creating

the perfect and the imperfect, in the quest for balance and resolve. Coming from a

graphic design background, he like's to use visual information from everyday life to add to

the narrative - this could be in the form of words, reproductions of paintings, personal

drawings, geometric/organic shapes and more.

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